What we do

We create immersive, memorable and meaningful brand experiences that get people talking. We’re based in London, but we go wherever the work takes us.

With the muscle of MCI Group behind us, we get to do the thing we live for: Innovating live digital and virtual experiences that will make even the most jaded marketing exec go “Oh my!”

How we do it

Our unique, interdisciplinary design-led approach enables our clients to create truly immersive brand experiences that achieve business results.


We start with ‘Why’ and ask the right questions. We apply empathy and insights, and define desired outcomes.


We generate and develop ideas, and apply experience-strategy and creative design that delivers results.


We deliver flawless brand experiences anywhere in the world.


We’re proud of what we do, and happy to share measurable results and recommendations.

Why we created a brand experience agency

We have created a new kind of brand-experience agency, designed to meet our clients’ changing needs and to build on the success and global capabilities of the MCI Group.

In today’s changing marketing landscape, brands are recognising the growing value of experiences that enhance engagement, brand innovation and growth. But traditional approaches to brand engagement and events are not enough to engage our increasingly informed digital audiences.

A new approach to brand experience is now required – one that makes all experiences personal; one that is driven by audience insights and defined by culture; and one that collaborates with a diverse range of strategic specialists to deliver outstanding business results. This is MCI Experience.

We are a new kind of experience-led agency, with a unique, interdisciplinary, design-focused approach. We enable our clients to create truly engaging, immersive brand experiences that achieve business results.