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8 Tips to Make the Most of Exhibiting at Sibos

Maximise your exhibition stand and brand presence ROI with these eight actionable tips. Discover valuable insights on how to increase brand awareness and generate new leads

By Lucy Holden

Who is ready for Sibos 2019? SWIFT’s global financial services networking event will be hosted in London this year [23-26 September], and we’re very excited to have it on home soil! London’s financial hub employs 2.3 million people alone, making it the ideal environment to connect executives, and thought leaders from across the world.

Last year we were onsite at the world’s largest banking and financial conference in Sydney supporting a number of clients and gleaning the latest financial insights. Event planner or brand marketer in charge of planning your exhibition stand at Sibos? We’ve got a handy guide to help you maximise your exhibition stand and brand presence ROI. Increase brand awareness and generate new leads with our 8 tips on how to create a successful exhibition stand presence at Sibos.  

1. Set Clear Objectives <img class=

Sibos houses more than 200 exhibitors every year, so it’s vital that you have clear, quantifiable objectives for your exhibition stand. Establishing specific, measurable and achievable goals is the foundation to your exhibition strategy – the foundation that everything else will stem from. The creative stand designs will come later – make sure you complete this critical first step before skipping ahead.

2. Define target audience <img class=

With more than 8,000 attendees, it can be hard to narrow down your specific target audience. Yes, Sibos does have your wider target audience in attendance but can you concentrate your market further? Defining your target audience is an essential part of your strategy. We guide our clients and help them to identify their smallest viable audience. This makes the exhibition stand strategy more personalised, relevant and specific to your market. A classic case of quality over quantity.  

3. One strong message <img class=

Now you’ve set clear objectives and defined your target audience, it’s time to create one strong key message. Developing your core message can be time consuming but it is a vital part of your exhibition strategy. This message will infiltrate every aspect of your stand: it serves as your brand’s call to action, feeds into the visual design, and influences the stand’s tone of voice. A strong message will ensure that your brand is remembered, understood and engaged with. Our brand strategists understand the power of one strong message that’s clear, concise and compelling. Following this strategy avoids confusing your audience with random, irrelevant, and dare we say, boring messaging.

4. Exhibition functionality <img class=

What is the primary function of your exhibition stand? Naturally if clear objectives have been set then this section should fall into place. It might mean engaging with 45 stand visitors per day and measuring success by the quality of that interaction and the potential conversion from prospect to customer. Alternatively, it could mean boosting your presence in a busy competitive market and finding an innovative way to measure this. The primary function of your stand influences the architecture and stand design – your brand products and services deserve to be showcased in an engaging, impactful way. Be bold, step away from the conventional, the traditional – let your exhibition stand speak your brand’s personality. Remember though stay true to your brand’s values.

5. Pre-event campaigns <img class=

We advise our clients to start the conversation before Sibos. Nurture your prospects and let them know where to find you! Craft a structured communications campaign across multiple channels to raise awareness of your brand’s presence at Sibos and the added benefits of visiting you.

6. Make it personalised <img class=

Customers’ expectations are changing and they are seeking an elevated experience. This is where our expertise and proven experience comes in – we can improve your audience engagement by adopting a more personalised approach. This can be implemented through technology and of course human interactivity through your stand reps.

7. Relevancy – no tech or gimmicks for sake of it <img class=

Our advice: be relevant to your market, and true to your brand. At this stage in the planning process, you will have enough information about your target audience to know what will work best, and what to avoid. Steer clear of gimmicks or unrelated stand attractions and only use technology to enhance your offering and core messaging.

8. Extend the conversation <img class=

So, it’s the 27th of September and Sibos is over for another year but the conversation doesn’t need to end there! Continue valuable conversations after the conference by touching base with key prospects you engaged with onsite. Depending on your objectives, continue to drive these forward post event with a personalised approach and don’t forget to complete a post event evaluation to measure against your set objectives.

Are you ready to make an impact at Sibos? Start your experience journey. Schedule a call with us today and let us design an effective strategy to maximise your exhibition stand at Sibos 2019 and beyond.