People core to our team

We’re proud of our diverse backgrounds and accumulated experience. We’re also proud to collaborate with some incredible people outside of our industry. Together, we’re business developers, architects, designers, filmmakers, journalists, bloggers and social-media experts, all ready to imagine a more creative future for you.


Kim Myhre

Design Thinker

Max Fellows

Champion of all things Client and Brand
Opportunity Creator
Master of Mischief 

Charlotte Hicks

New Business Generator
Room Brightener

Olivia Danzig

Chief Organiser
Problem Solver

Charlee Gough

Opportunity Creator
First Impression Maker

Frances Hulme Marketing Manager

Frances Hulme

Marketing Strategist
Compelling Content Creator
Arts and Culture Seeker

Liz Turnbull

Client Champion
Events Specialist
Sports Partnerships and Hospitality

Shellie Gorrie

Events Specialist
Project Assistance

Lucy Holden

Social Media Strategist

Matthew Clapham

Project Management
Client Champion
Events Specialist

Katy Miller

Live Event Specialist
Ops Champion
Team Leader

Georgia O’Rourke

Project Management
Events Specialist

Mark Ford


Ben Chapman

Experience Designer

Wyman Babbage

Experience Designer

Ian Lapworth

Quality Program Deliverer
Budget Master

Rob Stanbridge

Team Coach
Ops Champion
Experience Maker

We have a global team

Work with us

We’re a brand-new agency, and we’re looking for rock stars to join our growing team of brilliant people. If you’re interested in working with us, please get in touch by emailing

Our culture

We believe that having a positive impact on
the world matters.

We are on a mission to create a more interesting, more innovative and more positive future.

We embrace change and are courageous in our risk-taking.

Trust, quality and collaboration are core to our culture and what we stand for.

We are honest and expect the same in return.

We’re a team.

We only work with the best people. Everybody knows they need to be rock star at all times.

Everyone has a job to do, everyone is responsible and everyone is able. As such, everyone will be empowered and trusted. We believe flexibility is key, and that our people should have it in abundance.

We don’t ask the ‘tell me about your life’ questions. Instead, we ask, ‘How do you do great work?’

Aside from our clients, we collaborate with colleagues and specialist experts outside our business. No one is a lone ranger.

We expect passion and quality in everything we do.