Digital is about human-centered innovation.

It is about creating the “experience for the end user” that will deliver the successful outcome. The world of activating audiences is evolving as communities need to come together in a digital way.


Now is the time to build future-oriented, transformative engagement solutions that…

Digital solutions should fit the strategy and not be the strategy.
So, an off-the-shelf solution shouldn’t be your go-to outlet.


At MCI Experience, we understand the challenges and pitfalls that this potentially represents to organisations – the need to do something quickly versus the long term sustainable and appropriate approach.

Our online and offline expertise, combined with 30 years of strategic insights and knowledge of how to activate audiences, allows us to guide you through a successful digital transformation; combining the right strategy with the right outcome.

We work with you to create collaborative & interconnected on-live experiences that are designed to complement your strategy, deliver a return on engagement and ensure the highest value outcomes.

We have collaborated with our clients in a number of different ways to approach an online experience or a digital meeting solution. For us it’s not just about taking the face-to-face and transforming it to an online, hybrid or virtual experience, its much much more.

From educational networking platforms with knowledge sharing and gamification pieces for internal and external engagement, to viewer interactive films and AI-informed platforms that bring your community together and allow them to personalise their online experiences.

Here’re a few ways in which we’ve helped our clients…

Let’s collaborate

Applying our design thinking approach and methodology,
we can help you to gain a holistic understanding of your audience,
to ideate and find a solution that meets your needs and your strategy.


Our client partners include

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