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Myhre gives a great example of a coffee bean. Says it’s an ‘undifferentiated’ product on its own but by the time you get a flat white in Starbucks, it’s an experience! He says experiences are the products! #EventTrends

For #TBT here are the best bits from ⚡️ “Event Trends 2018” by @Eventit_show - thanks #eventprofs for joining us in #Edinburgh !


Events require an ‘immersive participation’ and also a consistent customer journey from beginning to end says @kimmyhre and also experience is not limited to ‘in this place at this time’ - tech makes events experience more flexible. #EventTrends

Think of yourself as a designer and not a planner. Work in a more interdisciplinary way and reach out to new industries says @kimmyhre wrapping up a brilliant and inspirational talk #EventTrends