There is a plethora of event, technology, agencies and consultants developing content about how to transform and host a virtual experience. But which advice will make the difference to your brand and marketing efforts?

Firstly, let’s look at the most crucial and vital aspect when you are considering transforming your face-to-face to a virtual experience. How do you keep a high level of engagement for your audience? Why do most of audiences feel that most online sessions are boring? It takes expertise to do it well.

Here is a glimpse into how MCI applies design-thinking when approaching the different phases of the digital transformation. These are the principles we use to help our clients create better experiences, whether physical, virtual or hybrid.

The Magic Number 3:

1. Innovate with Agility:

A proprietary methodology by MCI called D.I.V.E to Define. Ideate. Visualise. Engage. 

2. Build a Partnership Ecosystem:

Bring together the right mix of technology and marketing. 

3. Access to Industry Expertise:

Solving challenges through creativity.

We have been delivering hybrid events (a mix of offline and online) for over 10 years now, and we know that online attention is difficult. We have seen clients jump immediately to technology, only to realise that technology is just the enabler. What really makes the difference to protect your brand is your set of values, along with the way in which you treat key target audiences when it comes to engagement.

There are, of course, techniques to increase engagement. At MCI, we apply our activation services to design and create impactful digital experiences that inspire and continue to keep your audiences as brand fans.

The digital world is a volume world: the 1:9:90 model

Additionally, one of the benefits of transforming to virtual is that you have the chance to expand your message to broader audiences. You can actually increase your audience size at a fraction of the cost.

In the digital world, it is important to understand the 1:9:90 engagement model. This is how it works: the 1 represents the small percentage of the audience who love your brand. These people are your brand fans and they promote and stimulate your brand. They don’t need much encouragement, but it is important to know who they are so you can get that authentic human engagement.

The 9 represents the influencers of your brand. However, this group needs something in return, whether it is an affiliation or a particular offer. They are the influential thought leaders for your brand.

The 90 represents the wider audience who will look, listen and be viewers of your brand. They like your brand, however, they don’t necessarily want to take any action.

So, the 1s and 9s are your collaborators and the 90s are your supporters. This differentiation is important to understand and activate the best engagement strategy and approach. If you know who your most influential viewers are and you design and put your efforts behind them, in fact, your brand message results will be tenfold.

Discover the amazing opportunities of virtual and design your brand engagement model. Find out how to activate your 1:9:90 engagement model to future proof your brand by getting in touch with us.

In Summary:

  • Start with the UX first – make sure you take into consideration the experience that the attendee would want from your brand
  • Build in the principles of ‘the magic number 3’ to ensure your brand messages are retained in their long-term memory
  • Use the 1 : 9 : 90 Engagement Model to extend the reach of your message where it will actually make the difference