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How To Maximise Your Strategic Brand Presence at Mobile World Congress 2020

24 – 27 February 2020: we’re sure you’ve got the dates marked and ring-fenced in your calendar for the world’s largest exhibition for the mobile industry, Mobile World Congress 2020. In 2019 109,000 visitors attended Mobile World Congress from 198 different countries, 7,900 of which were CEO’s. Mobile World Congress is the premier and most important […]

By Lucy Holden

24 – 27 February 2020: we’re sure you’ve got the dates marked and ring-fenced in your calendar for the world’s largest exhibition for the mobile industry, Mobile World Congress 2020.

In 2019 109,000 visitors attended Mobile World Congress from 198 different countries, 7,900 of which were CEO’s. Mobile World Congress is the premier and most important date of the calendar year for leading, global tech companies and up-and-coming tech start-ups.

Bringing together the international technology community, Mobile World Congress provides the optimum environment to engage in high-level networking, meet with hot prospects, increase strategic brand exposure, and importantly show off your innovative arsenal of tech products and services.

We’re eight months away in the planning for Mobile World Congress which means there’s never been a better time to get ahead of your brand’s strategy planning! In this article, you’ll find valuable insights about planning your event exhibition strategy, how to create a meaningful experience for your potential pipeline and target customers, as well as helpful, actionable tips to get you started. Let’s crack on…

Learnings from Mobile World Congress 2019

Our Experience team were onsite supporting clients in 2019 and returned with a wealth of key takeaways, trends and ideas to enhance brands’ exhibition presence.

Stand design is crucial. Gone are the days when pull up banners, gimmicks and poorly designed stands are acceptable. Your stand needs to capture potential customers from the get-go. We found that the most effective stands pulled audiences in by creating a sense of intrigue and curiosity, fun moments and news-buzz-worthy tech. They also maximised opportunities for visitors to co-create content, all relating to their products and services, which they could easily share through their social networks. Everything about your exhibition design from the stand material right through to the lighting and screen projection height needs to be considered. Believe us when we say that every touchpoint is important to the attendee experience. Leave no element of your stand presence to chance – design with your audience in mind.

Engagement and user experience should sit at the core of your strategy. In 2019, 59% of MWC19 attendees held senior level positions. The people in attendance are key decision makers – your exhibition stand needs to engage and resonate with them. At MWC19 we saw many a case where brands had invested time and money on their stand design only to be let down by their stand representatives. It was a shame to see so many empty stands or worse, visitors being actively ignored. Stand representatives absolutely need to be trained with a key message that they can return to at any given point. Our advice: send your best people in – your brand advocates – who can effortlessly interact and provide excellent customer service. Explore all our key takeaways and stand design advice in our article, Experiencing MWC19.

Mobile Technology MWC 2020

Hot trend predictions for Mobile World Congress 2020

5G is transforming event experiences and opening up a horizon of online possibility. 5G was beginning to make small ripples at MWC19 – this time we expect it to come into full force. It’s undoubtedly the largest fundamental change in the telecoms industry right now, and with many of the big providers updating their networks in 2019, 5G will be well embedded by the time MWC20 comes around. Very few brands had access to actual 5G capabilities last time, so we confidently forecast brands will make full use of supersonic fast connectivity at the next congress.

5G is opening up the tech arena for AR and VR. Both powerfully influence how we experience our environments and can be used to transformative effect in a product/services exhibition environment. AR and VR enable you to showcase your latest product or service in an engaging and immersive way. Create an opportunity to develop a deeper level of customer engagement: one where visitors will take away an impactful, positive experience and a heightened understanding of your brand; all adding to elevated brand loyalty.  

VR AR Technology for MWC 2020

Planning for success

Exhibition space at MWC is in high demand and comes at a premium too. It’s vital that your brand can justify the ROI from exhibiting – whether that’s tracking leads and prospects; reporting on qualitative and quantitative stand engagement; or scoring PR coverage.

But how can your brand plan for success? It all starts with a strong exhibition presence strategy.

A robust plan with clear objectives, a defined target audience and compelling messaging are just some of the winning ingredients you need. It’s well worth reading our MWC handbook – 10 Tips To Get The Most Out of Exhibiting At Mobile World Congress to give you some solid advice from our MD and seasoned Experience Designer, Kim Myhre.

Knowing your audience and who you want your customers to be is essential. Your strategy will grow concentrically around these personas. Consider not only who they are but what you want them to feel, think and do after engaging with your exhibition stand. Engagement starts before MWC20 – consider connecting with visitors ahead of time whether that’s through pre-scheduled appointments, personally reaching out to potential leads or casting the net wider with a social advertising campaign. 

MWC20 is the catalyst industry event which should jump-start the rest of your sales and marketing activity for the calendar year. When planning your strategy look ahead to MWC20, MWC21, even MWC25. How does your exhibition presence strategy and objectives correlate with the short, medium and long-term growth plans for your tech brand?

MWC Brand Experience

Tips to get you started

We hope we’ve got you thinking and fired up to go! Here’s some parting tips to get you started – contact us for more strategic and bespoke consulting specific to your brand’s needs.

  • Know your target market
  • Know your competition: you’re battling for attention against over 2,400 other exhibiting companies
  • Know the exhibition space: there’s 120,000 square metres of exhibition and hospitality space. Ask where is your brand positioned, use the space to your advantage and think outside the box
  • Aim to create an event experience that’s personal, participatory and memorable

Ready to level-up? We’ve over 24-year’s combined experience of creating and (physically) building impactful, unique stand experiences at Mobile World Congress, and we love bringing brands closer to their customers.

Let’s start your experience journey together and maximise your strategic brand presence, supercharge growth and audience engagement at MWC20, and all the years that follow with stand-out strategy.