Activate sales with original launch event
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Activate Sales with an Original Launch Event

Combining unique experience management expertise, technical solutions and creative flair, MCI helped Mercedes-Benz to design an unforgettable event series for the Swiss launch of its new long- distance truck. The launch engaged clients, sellers and staff in the new product, successfully activated sales and delivered a truly unique experience for all attendees.

The challenge

Mercedes-Benz needed to design and deliver an unforgettable launch event to introduce its new long-distance truck to the Swiss market.

The company’s objectives for the event were clear:

  • Host an innovative product launch for 1,000 clients and dealers.
  • Leverage the launch to introduce the new product to Mercedes-Benz staff and reward them for their work.
  • Engage clients, sellers and employees in the new product and activate sales, both onsite and post-event.
  • Combine the event launch with the annual Mercedes-Benz Millionaire Driver KM Award Ceremony.
  • Looking to our unique experience management expertise, technical production solutions and creative insights, Mercedes-Benz engaged MCI as a strategic partner for the event.

The solution

Working closely with Mercedes-Benz, MCI set about designing an original launch series that would enable the company to reach its objectives.

Having worked together since 2002 on a number of innovative live experiences, Mercedes-Benz trusted MCI to deliver a truly unique experience for attendees and agreed to host the event series in a rather unusual location: an intricate, underground tunnel system.

The event was then designed around the concept of an exciting journey.

Guests were welcomed with an elegant cocktail reception at the entrance to the tunnel, before being taken to the core for an inventive product presentation and artistic performances.

The new Actros then entered in style, and was driven through the tunnel towards the audience accompanied by an impressive light, video and sound show. A cosy lounge and comfortable exhibition area provided the perfect location for high-level sales and client talks, and guests enjoyed a delicious dinner while a jazz duo kept the party going well into the night.

Lasting results

Four customer events took place over four consecutive evenings, followed by the annual Mercedes-Benz Millionaire Driver KM Award Ceremony and an employee event, welcoming a total of 1,200 clients and dealers and 820 Mercedes-Benz employees from across Switzerland.

Direct contact between dealers and their best clients, as well as between the CEO, Mercedes-Benz management and Mercedes-Benz specialists, successfully activated sales, with a number of contracts signed directly over drinks and many dealers organising their own drive-in events directly after the launch.

Clients, dealers, employees and Mercedes-Benz management alike were delighted with the original location and the opportunities for networking, and feedback showed that the event had been the perfect platform to engage different target audiences in order to activate sales.