Creating the perfect brand experience
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Creating the Perfect Brand Experience

MCI delivered an engaging forum for professional and amateur developers, maximising audience insights and research to create the most successful Yahoo Hack event to date. MCI exceeded the client’s objectives, setting a new standard for future Yahoo live experiences while successfully proving the strategic relevance of pizza for the development community.

The challenge

Yahoo was hosting a major hackathon event in London and needed to create a dynamic and engaging experience for its ‘hackers’ – the professional and amateur developers attending the event.

During a non-stop 24-hour period, ‘hackers’ would prototype an idea of their own inception, or create a solution to a specific Yahoo brief, while the company would use the opportunity to evangelize its external facing technologies, and review the ‘best of the best’ development talent in one room.
Yahoo’s goals for the event were clear:

  • Effectively showcase Yahoo developer facing technology products and 
  • Find potential future partners, employees and collaborators.
  • Provide a creative and fun environment for web/app developers to 
showcase their ideas using Yahoo products and technologies.
  • Generate some positive PR around the event with local and regional 
Tech media, enforcing Yahoos as a major player in the Tech sector.
  • MCI was engaged as a strategic partner to develop an impressive and effective
live event. With the 24-hour ‘marathon nature’ and open forum style of the event providing some technical and logistical challenges, and with just six weeks to deliver, the challenge was on for MCI to come up with the right creative solution.

The solution

During initial insight and research phase meetings, MCI delved into the audience mindset to gain knowledge of their key drivers.

The intensity of the ‘hacker’ task meant that attendee requirements were quite unique, particularly in terms of physiological drivers. Aside from their most basic requirement of bandwidth, our insight team identified comfort, convenience, surprise and creativity as major satisfaction drivers.

MCI created a secure and robust Wi-Fi-enabled environment with sufficient bandwidth for up to 250 multi-device users over a 24 hour period. MCI worked on providing comfort and convenience in a way that proved that Yahoo was an innovative company in tune with the development community and its specific needs. Pizza, hot dogs and doughnuts soon became a strategically relevant part of the event and overall logistical integrity.

Event space was also informed by audience insights, with MCI designing dynamic, technical and self-contained areas to encourage creativity and concentration. Bold colours and innovative branding increased inspiration, while unconventional signage such as “I need to pee” “I need food” and “I need sleep” perfectly reflected the attendee state of mind and raised a few smiles.

Lasting results

  • Acknowledged as the most successful hackathon ever by Yahoo, 390 hackers engaged with the company to develop exciting prototypes.
  • Spontaneous collaborations, technical workshop sessions and a vibrant design set a new standard for the Yahoo live experience, while flawless technical delivery provided uninterrupted internet connectivity for 500+ devices across the event.
  • Yahoo’s recruitment team handled over 20 recruitment enquiries, resulting in five direct hires.

“Our most successful Hack yet; MCI’s insight and ideas have engaged
new and exciting talent with Yahoo.”

Anil Patel – Head of Global Developer Outreach, Yahoo Developer Network