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Immersive Experience for a Global Biopharmaceutical Company Reveals the Science Behind Innovative Research

The Challenge

Ahead of the 11th World Conference of Science Journalists, a leading global biopharmaceutical company partnered with MCI Experience to develop an immersive experience for small groups of journalists at their International Media Event.

This biopharmaceutical has invested considerable research to progress an exciting emerging immunotherapy. This innovative technology and therapy has the potential, if approved, to represent an advancement in cancer treatment, as it stimulates the human immune system to fend off cancer.

Our challenge? To design a 15-minute immersive experience that would teach medical journalists about the scientific complexities of this immunotherapy technology and its robust manufacturing process.


Our solution needed to be time and cost-effective, scalable and educationally valuable. But first and foremost, its design needed to be both entertaining and memorable. 

Using visual storytelling, we immersed the audience on a scientific journey of discovery…

Our creative designers visualised the vein-to-vein manufacturing journey and interpreted it into an interactive and intuitive game utilising motion sensors and projection mapping. Each step was designed to be participative to ensure maximum engagement and understanding of this breakthrough research. Upon entering a white laboratory capsule the journalists were set an important mission: to understand the science of the immunotherapy.

And with that, the mission commenced.

First, players were shrunk to cellular level to collect valuable immune cells before safely transporting them to a specialised manufacturing facility.

The interactivity element was intensified with a collaborative mental and physical game that tasked the audience to match lentiviral vectors to a patient’s immune cells through the matching of colours. Players followed the full vein-to-vein journey as they prepared the immune cells for their end destination: the patient. Diverse patient stories allowed the players to understand the positive impact of the research and have an ‘active’ part in the patients’ narratives within the experience.

This immersive exercise successfully educated players about the complexities of the molecular engineering process through interactive video play learning. Twenty-six journalists were offered an exclusive opportunity to personally experience this bold and pioneering science, and each left with a heightened awareness of the immune cells manufacturing and supply chain expedition thanks to the simplified immersive learning experience.


  • 26 global science journalists and affiliate representatives invited
  • 15-minute interactive experience
  • 6-step manufacturing process visualised and gamified
  • Scalable concept that is being adapted to portable surface technology
Gamifield manufacturing process
Audience interaction playing game