Microsoft’s professional women initiative
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Opening Windows: Microsoft’s Professional Women Initiative

MCI helped Microsoft to deliver the most successful event to date for the company’s Professional Women Initiative. Through the strategic selection of speakers and innovative event design, MCI increased delegate numbers by 35% and grew the initiative’s membership base by 15%. Business women from all over the Czech Republic attended the event and left feeling inspired by the company’s vision for the future, with members rating the event as the ‘best-ever.’

The challenge

‘Diversity and inclusion’ is one of the top priorities for Microsoft in the Czech Republic. Being at the top of the county’s Best Employer list is not enough, and Microsoft is determined to speed up its progress to becoming an ‘organisation of the future’ in this area.To become the leading company on diversity in the Czech Republic, Microsoft initiated Opening Windows – The Professional Women Initiative. The aim of the initiative is to provide professional women with a stimulating space in which to share experiences and different views, and to network with their peers. 

Members are women with at least five years professional experience in sales, marketing or project management, have university level education and combine special professional and personal skills.A key part of the initiative is the annual event to which all members are invited to get inspired, connect and network. Looking to our global expertise and audience activation strategies, Microsoft engaged MCI to help design and deliver its upcoming event.

MCI was tasked with:

  • Finding an inspiring panel of speakers to attract new delegates and members.
  • Sourcing the right venue and creating the perfect atmosphere for networking and creating new connections.

The solution

MCI strategically selected inspiring speakers who would bring the event’s theme to life and attract more women in managerial positions to attend.

The chosen ‘royal style’ venue and convenient catering lightened the main discussion and motivated participants to stay longer to network in comfort. The relaxed atmosphere also allowed Microsoft’s HR staff to better connect with participants and identify potential talents.

MCI also organised a fashion exhibition with personal advisors recommending clothes and jewelry for the participants. Participants had to walk through the short exhibition, which attracted them to come back and explore trends or request individual advice.

Lasting results

  • Word of mouth spread out of city borders and attracted business women even from distant parts of the country.
  • MCI’s strategic selection of speakers and innovative event design helped Microsoft to increase attendance by 35% compared to previous events.
  • Membership numbers increased immediately by 15%.
  • According to the participant satisfaction survey, participants rated the Opening Windows event organised by MCI as the best since the initiative was founded.
  • Microsoft continues to be perceived by business women as one of the most innovative companies offering great career and openness to diversity.

“Thank you for your input and smooth operation of the greatest
event we organized for the initiative. We appreciate your consulting
approach, creative minds and keeping within budget.”

– Microsoft