Seamlessly integrating technology and experience
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Seamlessly Integrating Technology and Experience

Creating assets and managing experiences

The challenge

The market leader in enterprise application software hired MCI India to launch their premier tech conference: three days of inspiration, education, live coding, and collaboration between the best minds in the country. Created expressly for technologists, developers, and engineers, the conference needed to showcase a world class attendee experience. While looking to drive a sustainable agenda for the event, the company’s requirements for the event included:

  • Fleet and logistics management
  • 14,500 delegate registrations
  • Scheduling 5000 hours of education sessions
  • Effective sound systems for parallel sessions

Unlocking potential

With such a large conference, the enterprise software leader was looking for innovative sustainable and technological expertise. Not only did the conference needed to have a new decor, different from all previous editions, it needed to be sustainable and set the tone on sustainability for all future editions. The company turned to our unique technological solutions, to manage simultaneous workshops and sessions, and to register delegates without the inconvenience of waiting in long queues.

The solution

MCI’s core team of 35 enablers and a support team of 150 volunteers, managed in just 45 days to design and produce a world-class sustainable conference.

This achievement was recognised with the ‘Best Conference of the Year ‘ award at WoW Awards Asia.

Lasting results

  • Registration with a turnaround time of 10 seconds per delegate (4500 badges distributed in 120 minutes)
  • 28 parallel sessions simultaneously catering to 6000 delegates
  • IR headsets (using Infra red/ Simultaneous Interpretation technology) enabled an enhanced experience and innovative sound proofing solution
  • QR code scanners used at all booths to scan delegate badges for information, rather than collect their business cards
  • 15000 sq. ft. of reusable material
  • Digital displays used to minimize printing requirements and maximize reusability

“Without you this event would never have shaped out to be such a
success in India. Starting from the inception till the last minute execution
we appreciated how you seamlessly executed every meticulous detail.”

– Director of Research and Development Centre